Monitis – Web, Server and Network Monitoring App Reviews

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Modernize the UI and better alerting

Alerting unreliable. We have had system outages that are visible when I launch the app, but nothing proactively appears on my phone. I have verified "Allow Notifications" are enabled and I have re-logged into the app. It would also be helpful to have an app badge that appears with the number of failures and updates when cleared (decrements). Would like to be able to link to Monitor.Us account so I can monitor those systems without a separate app.

Awful app experience

The app is an ugly web app which disregards every iOS UI guidelines. Navigating the different screens is awkward. The whole experience lacks. I never looked forward to using this app but rather dreaded it.

Not working !

Did developers bother to test this app?!! All I see is a blank white screen when I try to select any view.

Can't login

Login never works, can't use the app at all.

Does not work

Login is broken.


The app could be faster and have more function but it's much better than loading the website in my iPhone. Love monitis!

iPad version needs landscape

The iPad version needs landscape, I never use my iPad in portrait mode. The back animation is backwards. This app feels like a safari webapp not a native app.

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